Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traci's Brides + 2 Grooms

Just wanted to share this picture. It's been sitting on my desktop for weeks now with the hopes of, here we are. :-)

This was taken at the D23 Expo on Sept. 12th at the wedding booth...the day I missed meeting David Tutera... :( ...but got to meet my fellow Disney Brides I've been tweeting with the past few months! =D

(L to R) Keahon, Ashley, Lacey, Traci, moi, Andrew

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Invitations

Invitations were one aspect of our wedding that we were going to make our DIY project... yyyyeah... That was until I discovered that most places where we could get DIY kits would cost about as much as some invitation designers! Granted, we would have to go with a standard set that the designers have and do away with customization... and so, I left it up to Andrew. He would be designing our invitations (with me looking over his shoulder to pitch in my two cents), so, I felt it was ultimately up to him.

He chose to go with a designer. I'm a big fan of the Green Wedding Shoes blog ~ especially considering it's where we found our photographer. So, I suggested we check out her recommendations. After going through one designer after another, one stood out from them all, and drew an immediate "awwww!" from me. And that was TearDrop Weddings. Her artwork is cute, smart, and SO original! Not to mention that even going with her standard sets, she STILL adds a bit of customization by making the characters look like the bride and groom ~ no extra charge!

When we received the invitations, I couldn't help but make a bit of a DIY out of it by dressing them up a bit! We went to Michael's and bought packs of transparent white paper sheets to wrap around the invites and tie with a ribbon. It did added SO much to the presentation!

For our stamps, we customized them at with our proposal picture!

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