Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I LOVE Heritage Makers!!!

Hello Dear Readers!!!

I know. I've fallen off the radar... the past 6 months have been great, happy in love, and busy! Many changes have occurred in my own life as I've tried to find my perfect job(s). Yes, it has now turned into a plural...and none of these jobs have anything to do with the other! It's my way of keeping things interesting. ;-)

My newest endeavor, which ultimately has to be my full time job is as an independent publishing consultant/designer for Heritage Makers. I'm my own boss, have flexible hours, and I get to meet new people, tell them about Heritage Makers, and play on the computer to design Photo Storybooks! You can check out my site at If you're interested in ordering or setting up a Premier account, let me know ~ I can get you the best deals!

I've also set up a new blog that you can follow for project ideas and the lastest Heritage Makers discounts: ~ Check it out and follow! :D There's no doubt I'll be adding new wedding ideas and projects that catch my eye!

Below is a copy of my latest blog, Wedding Ideas. If Heritage Makers is of interest to you ~ as a client or if you want to be a consultant, like me, please feel free to contact me at! I always love talking about HM!

Wedding Ideas
Okay, I'll admit it...after my November 2009 wedding, I miss wedding planning! And if I knew about Heritage Makers this time last year, I would've been going project-making crazy!!! ;D

Instead, I'll settle for spreading the news to current and future brides. Heritage Makers offers so many starting points for your wedding needs! Invitations are already on the product list, but here are some other thoughts as you or your loved one gets ready for the big day!
  • postcards can be used as Save the Date cards
  • playing cards can be used as place setting cards, response cards, or change of address cards
  • scrapbook pages can be divided up and used as response cards or place setting cards
  • scrapbook pages or canvases can be used for to showcase your beautiful engagement
  • photos & framed for display at your wedding!
  • storybooks can be used as guest books, and of course, wedding books! get the idea... The possibilities are endless! Take a look at some of the customizable templates in the Studio.

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