Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Venue that Beats Out Disney?!?

The other night, Andrew and I were going over the Disneyland menu selection, playing with numbers, and paring down our guest list to see how we could make a Disneyland wedding work. Andrew asked if we could really bring our guest list down so low, and would I be able to give up an upgrade at Disney. I paused. No, I don't think that's possible...but...there was another venue where we could have our 100 guests (give or take a few), and I could comfortably let go of Disney. Wha-wha-whaat?!? I KNOW!!!

Earlier that day, I discovered the most beautiful place! Larger grounds with a castle, tower, gazebo, a lake with swans...all within our budget! While I had emailed and texted Andrew about this venue earlier in the day, did we think he would look at it that very same evening? Nope! Not until I said I could possibly let go of Disney. THAT caught his attention. He looked at the website and was blown away by it, just as I was.

One small catch is that if we decide to have our wedding there, we will have to move up our wedding date to October, as that's when the venue closes its wedding season...and we had JUST decided on a very potential wedding date of Nov. 10, 2009 (descending numbers...11-10-9...yes, we're dorks :-)). Perhaps we could do October 10, 2009, which is also the same date as my friend, Kisha's birthday. :-) 10-10-09 isn't as cool as 11-10-09, and there's no way we're gonna wait till 10-10-10! LOL ~ yes, I know, I get it. We're dorks! :-)

Tomorrow, we will finally be heading out to the Queen Mary. All these venues have A LOT to compete with now...


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