Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm still alive!

Here I am!!! ;-)

With Andrew being away for the past several weeks, with the exception of sending out contracts and deposits, I have not been anywhere near anything wedding related! ...Until tonight. In this past hour, I started perusing DIY wedding invitation sites. This will be the next task we tackle upon Andrew's return.

Two useful sites I've found so far:
~ Only thing is that I'm leaning towards using a tri-fold invitation with a pocket. Unless I missed it, I don't think they carry it. Still, some very cute designs! ~ they have tri-fold invitations!!! And tons of great designs! (and yet, I'm not posting a tri-fold pic by them ;-P)

The one thing I'm kinda torn about are the ribbons. When I went to Downtown L.A. a few weeks ago, I bought a ton of ribbons! One (or two?) rolls specifically for our invitations. I'm thinking that it's possible to not use the ribbons that come with the cardstock ~ i.e., it's not attached. But I wonder if there will be a part of me that will end up using their ribbon because it will look better. I'll then have to find another use for the ribbons I purchased.

Who knows if we'll go with either company, but it's a start...especially in brainstorming design ideas.


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