Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planning Ahead: Invitations

Tomorrow is our Planning Session at Disney, and I'm so excited!!! :-) What IS a "Planning Session"? Pretty much just as it sounds ~ hehe... We'll be meeting with our wedding planner (yes, this is what I'm calling her now), Traci and (if I'm not mistaken) the Disney event team. We'll be going through the finer details of our wedding ~ the flow, the design, d├ęcor, what Disney will be providing, what we'll be providing, etc. Following that will be the FOOD TASTING!!! Yessss ~ one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning!

On to what I've been up to...

The past few days, I've been drowning myself in the Sea of Invitation Brainstorming. With the possibility that Andrew may be heading out for another European tour earlier than expected, more decisions and action need to be taken before he leaves.

I decided to check out Impressions, located in Celebration, FL (one of my most favorite towns in the world), and the only company licensed to use official Disney images. Now, Andrew and I had said that we would create our own invitations, but I couldn't help but be drawn to Impressions's invitation designs! Totally blew the previous websites I mentioned out of the water!!!

In comparing prices between getting DIY material from Impressions vs. "the previous websites mentioned," vs. pre-designed Impressions invitations, it equalled out to about the same ~ at worst, maybe a $100 difference...so, why not get the pre-designed? The only reason I can see is if we don't find a design we fall in love with. We're also both talented, creative people and could probably design an invitation completely unique to us.
Besides the fantastic customer service (i.e. email convo) I've had with Impressions, they also can customize their clients' invitations from the ground up! Would we have had more money in our account, it would've been great to utilize this service. All the pictures I've posted in this blog are customized invitations they have done for previous couples.

Now it's just about deciding what *we* want for our invitations. I've already said that I want a tri-fold with pockets! but I'm amenable to a sleeve insert if we had to... ;-/)


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