Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Time to Blog

I'm afraid to look at the last time I blogged! These past few weeks have been a complete blur, and in order not to drive myself too crazy, I put all - or MOST - wedding planning, thinking, brainstorming aside.

Andrew was again touring Europe for 2.5 weeks, and of course, I had another NKOTB adventure to consider. :-) Just when Andrew returned to The States, we had about one week together, and he was off again! This time to my homestate of Virginia. How COULD we even get started on any of the details we needed to get through?

So, thus, the neglection of the blog.

Some of what's happened thus far...a few ceremony supplies have been ordered and received. After chatting with a fellow Disneyland Bride, she passed on a fabulous idea that Andrew and I fell in love with...a floating unity candle! The vase is engraved with our names and wedding date ~ a keepsake worth keeping and treasuring.

Another item purchased were bubble tubes!!! Andrew and I had discussed this one in particular, and while I normally would've waited to order them, The Knot had them on sale for 60% off...or was it 40%? In either case, it was a HUGE discount available for a limited time. Who knew when this special would be up again. Those arrived over a week ago ~ they're cute, make tons of bubbles, and from what I hear - are not cheap, sticky bubbles like some bubble bottles out there.

Next up: ordering centerpiece items! We'll also be tackling just *what* we'll be doing for invitations, ordering Andrew's ring, approving our Disney Fairytale Wedding Banquet Event Order (translated: the details of our wedding - names of those involved in our wedding, events happening within the wedding, the food, etc.), and figuring out our ceremony readings.

I can't even think beyond that... but I DO want to get myself over to the bridal shop to try my dress on again with other items.

Let's get back to it!!!


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