Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Wedding!

In 9 more days, there will be another wedding in the family! One of Andrew's sisters, Linette, will be having a backyard wedding at her fiancé's parents' house in Massachusetts. She went through one of the quickest engagements I have ever seen! Translate that to: roughly 3 months.

Linette has a very laidback attitude and figured it would be "easy" to plan since it was just a backyard wedding. Andrew reminded her of everything she needed to look into and keep up with. No matter how small a wedding, there's still work and papers to get in order. She's recently found out the details of the "wedding world" and is fascinated. NOW she understands why I was sucked in and am getting my certificate to be a wedding consultant!

As part of our gift to her and fiancé, Seth, I created their guest book using Heritage Makers. Even in using an existing customizable template in the gallery, it still took days to complete! LOL ~ not that that's a negative...but of course, I want Linette and Seth's, there were revisions, emails, texts, and a phone call till it was exactly what they wanted. This afternoon it went into publishing, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive in Massachusetts with plenty of time/days to spare before the wedding!

I will be sure to post pics of the guest book after the wedding next Saturday.


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