Saturday, September 19, 2009

Engagement Photos are HERE!!!

For those who haven't seen it, here's our photographer, Jill Thomas's blog on our engagement photo session (a sneak peek!). She sent this to us three days after the photo shoot, which was actually one week ago! Andrew and I were at Disney's D23 Expo (their answer to Comic-Con), and we had stepped aside to take a break from all the sensation-overload exhibits. My phone buzzed with a text from Jill, reading "You've been blogged!!!" Like kids on Christmas, we wanted to tear our "present" open and see how the pics came out! We were more than satisfied with the results... can't wait to see our wedding photos!

charlene+andrew : a malibu engagement

charlene and andrew first contaced me about their disneyland wedding back in the spring. i was living in utah so we set up ichat to talk and get to know eachother a bit (you have to love this technology right?!) but this last weekend was their engagement session and the first time we were able to meet face to face. i just love engagements session. one they are just so fun for me and two, it gives me such a good chance to get to know my clients before the wedding.

charlene + andrew are incredibly musical. they wanted to incorporate some of this into their session. when i heard charlene sing and andrew play the piano- it was incredible! i met them up in malibu at an incredible modern home. this was such a fun session! thank you charlene + andrew and enjoy!

the home

after we had fun at the house, we went down to the beach for some amazing lighting at sundown! charlene+andrew are getting married in disneyland in november. i am so excited to shoot their wedding there and they are just so fun, i know it wil be a good time. so charlene brought some mickey mouse lollipops as props.


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