Thursday, September 3, 2009

My First Wedding Nightmare

It's finally happened. This morning I woke up in a panic over the dream I had just had. My first wedding nightmare. In fact, the nightmare affected me so much, that it evolved into TWO nightmares as soon as I went back to sleep! Scenarios that had never occurred to me popped right into dreamland. Thanks for that, subconscious.

Nightmare #1: It was the day of the wedding. Before the events started, we were going into what was supposed to be the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. The room didn't quite look like how I remembered it, but I shrugged thinking that maybe I had exaggerated the look of it in my mind. There were three tables set up in the room, each of different size. There was a round table for 8, a small square table for 4, and a large rectangular table for 12-14. Apparently, how I had it set up was for Andrew and me to sit at the table for 8 with our parents (which would then make it a table of 6, of course). The table for 4 was for our wedding party. And the larger table was for the guests. Wow, talk about a small wedding!

It seemed to be just me and the wedding party as we came into the "Sleeping Beauty Pavilion," and midst my confusion, my matron of honor, Sharon jumped at her place setting and RE-placed it to the larger table. I was in shock!!! I know she's a very social person, but I thought she would be the first one to realize the work I put into this! I balked at her "You can't do that! Do you know how stupid this looks if you move over here???" She took a look back at the table for four and agreed.

I continued to look around, still knowing SOMETHING was off in the room...moving my line of sight down to the floor, it was definitely NOT the same carpet! No longer was it the beautiful deep blue rug with golden stars; it was now an almost quilted-pattern of a grey-blue. Not pretty.

Just then, Traci (our wedding planner) got my attention. She was standing at an archway of a semi-hallway/room, which then led into the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion that I remembered...and it was GORGEOUS!!! Our floral designer, Brian, had taken a bit of a spin on my ideas and created centerpieces (which were actually d├ęcor, not centerpieces) that I never even imagined. I was floored (in a good way)! The room was just magical... and it was the designated room for dancing.

Suddenly, it dawned on me...we were *not* ready. And I mean, we had not picked out music selection for the ceremony, we hadn't notified our readers... I thought to call our readers right then and there, but then realized we also didn't have any printouts for the readings! And what responsorial psalm were we doing???? What kind of ceremony was this going to be?!?

Nightmare #2: Wedding day continued...we were somehow able to take in a parade at Disneyland (which felt more like Disney World) and everyone was there ~ family, friends, and even old friends/acquaintances from high school who were also getting married. That part was actually kind of awkward since these were people I didn't really talk to in school. I was also quite anxious; I knew I had *other* things that I needed to be doing to get prepared for the wedding...

While this "hangout" lingered beyond the parade, I remained antsy. After some time, I finally headed to my dressing room. Again, some high school acquaintances were in there...this time to help me get ready. My head snapped up as I remembered one more thing...I FORGOT to book a hair and makeup artist!!! All I could think of was to call the Mandara Spa at The Grand Californian Hotel to see if they could possibly take me. I got word somehow that Traci would take care of that for me.

In the meantime, they were calling Andrew over...I *don't* know why! I was all ready in my wedding dress, so I was agitated that they would call him over, when I didn't want him to see me till the ceremony...or at least till our photo time before the ceremony. I grumpily said "fine!" and put on a cardigan over my dress to at least cover PART of it up. *sigh*

Andrew and I were brought to what was basically an atrium...a Disney atrium...use your imagination as to what they could with an atrium... We took in a private screening of a new Disney movie (hadn't been released yet!), and the moon and stars shown from the glass ceiling.

Okay great! But I still needed to get my hair and makeup done. I found Traci afterwards in this huge hotel suite...she was panicking over something, and I'm not really sure what it was...I let her vent and then asked her if she heard anything about my hair and makeup. I'm not sure if I ever really got an answer...

Aaand that's about the time I woke up.


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