Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Reveal!!!

So, as some of you know, Andrew and I selected a wedding venue (ceremony and reception in one location) a few nights ago. We had struggled among three locations and had a really hard time letting go of the idea of having our wedding at these other locations. Because of that, we ended up "sitting" with the idea for a few days. Andrew worked at some gigs in San Diego and Huntington Beach, and while he was there, he bounced our idea off of a few people. Meanwhile, I kept the location secret among my friends. I didn't need to bounce it off anyone because I knew everyone would think it's great! Because of that, I didn't need to tell them, only to find out that Andrew was uncomfortable with our decision, and we would have to change it...making me go back to my friends and family and say "Oh ACTUALLY, we're doing it here."

Well, it turned out that Andrew got some great feedback and is excited about our decision! He sees how it fits us.

So, without any further our contract is being drawn up as we speak...Andrew and I are looking to get married on Saturday Evening, November 7th, 2009 in the Rose Court Garden at Disneyland!!! Followed by a a reception at Sleeping Beauty Pavillion.

We're SO excited to being one step closer in making it "official"!


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