Thursday, March 5, 2009


I need to calm down. :-)

This excitement for Villa de la Vina (aka The Bachelor/Bachelorette house) parallels to the excitement I had for the last venue we saw. I've constantly been checking Andrew's and my joint email account to see if they've emailed me back. I've emailed them through 3 websites ~ each, I'm sure, contacting someone different. Finally, it dawned on me to call them directly. Hey, that's what I was doing when we began this venue search! Somewhere along the way, I got spoiled by emailing the venues for information.

Anyway, I reached someone at the catering company that works with Villa de la Vina, and as she was taking my information, she asked "Did you send us your information earlier today?" I chuckled and said "Why, yes, I did!" LOL. She said that she printed out that information and gave it to Danny, who handles all of Villa de la Vina's events. He's gone for the day FOR an event, but he should be calling me soon. HOORAY!!!

Now to sit here and wait...

*twiddling thumbs*
*whistle, whistle...*


Lysandra said...

It's so funny how we completely forget about good old fashioned phone calls! I also find that email is not providing the instant gratification I need with wedding information though. I'm on pins and needles this week on the TINY chance someone booked our church on our day in between my last phone call and when they receive the check I mailed!

Charlene said...

EEK!!! I know, right? You would think these days, people should be on their computers 24/7! What? I am! ;-) LOL

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