Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Serenity NOW!!!

Is it too early for frustrations to set in?

It is March 11th, and we are planning to have a wedding either October 24th or November 10th. That gives us roughly 7 months of planning, and we STILL don't have a venue picked. I _know_ people have done it in less time, but I feel like we've been sitting on our asses, doing NOTHING for the past month. Granted, a lot has been out of our control. We had about 4 weeks where we had nothing to do BUT wait until we could see what we thought could be our dream venue (it still could be ~ we just need to decide). Then as we waited for a good time to sit and go over our options, I had to find out that The Bachelor venue is available for weddings. Notice I didn't say that I had to find out IF it was available...because that wasn't my goal. My goal in googling The Bachelor house was to find the address after Andrew had pointed it out to my mom and me while we were touring L.A. But of course, as soon as I saw that they do weddings, I HAD to look at pictures, show them to Andrew, of which became: *we* HAD to see the venue!

*exasperated sigh*

Now add one more unique, gorgeous, accessible venue to our list.

So, we were going to do this decision making last Sunday. What did we do instead? We wired audio cables the entire weekend for Andrew's brother's client, Lifehouse. Can't gripe too much since I did get paid. Our discussion was rescheduled for Tuesday night. What happens Tuesday morning? Andrew realizes that he's leaving for Singapore that NIGHT, instead of Wednesday night. So, guess what? Our discussion is now postponed to the weekend...and let me guess, it will be Sunday ~ AT THE EARLIEST. Because let's face it. Andrew will be tired and will want to chill and recoop on Sunday.

So, what will I do until Saturday, when he returns? I will be taking hot baths and meditating to bring myself back to CENTER. Then focusing on what I can, which is making my skincare service menu for Planet Beauty (no, not a made up place ~ it's my new workplace).

Until then...serenity now...!!!


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