Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote for My Bridal Canvas!!! :-D

This past Friday night, I was up until 2-in-the-morning (breaking out into a New Kids song right now ;-)) working on a bridal inspiration board on BridalCanvas.com. It was so much fun, even in an exhausted daze, I didn't want to quit until everything was "just right!" The "work" seems to be paying off so far, as the editors chose my canvas as a Top 10 Finalist for the week!

You can vote for my canvas here: http://www.bridalcanvas.com/canvas/issue/2369

Click on the "VOTE" button in the top right corner, and it will ask you log in or sign up for BridalCanvas.com. The only way for your vote to count is to register. It's free, easy, and I haven't received any junk mail from them ~ so, there's no worries on that!

The winners of the week win a $20 giftcard to Starbucks or iTunes. Then, are entered into a Quarterly contest for $200...and the winner of THAT is entered into a yearly contest for $500! Wow!

In any case, I would be so happy to have your vote and support! THANKS!!! :-D


Lysandra said...

Just voted - and I love the blue cake!!

Charlene said...

Thanks, Lysandra!!! :-D

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