Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night or Day...? (An Elaboration)

I just received an email from a friend, who was kind enough to make the suggestions of compromising by having an afternoon ceremony and a dinner reception.

Here's the thing. Disneyland only has two wedding time slots. Daytime ~ with a morning wedding, leading to an afternoon reception. And evening ~ with an early evening wedding (some may consider a late afternoon), leading to an evening reception. It will be November when we have our wedding, thus making late afternoons dark (an idea that I love!). So, to take advantage of that sunlight (for photos ~ per friend's suggestion / not a huge concern of mine), is out of the question.

The reason why there IS a conflict in choice is this: our budget. Dinner receptions are ALWAYS more expensive than receptions held during any part of the day. Ultimately, yes, we *can* afford the evening wedding. However, Andrew is a big fan of saving that money for after our wedding, so that we can start out comfortably.

But do we go for the wedding that we both would love, but is significantly more expensive? OR do we play it safe and go for the less expensive option, where we could "deal" with the atmosphere?

So that we are on the same page, here are the visuals (videos & pictures) that we are looking at... Daytime vs. Nighttime:

(forgive the cheesy videos...it's all I could find for actual weddings at Disneyland)

A montage of the ceremony and reception (this girl has her reception in the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion):

A short documentary on a couple's Disneyland wedding. Kinda cute. They have their reception in the Sequoia Ballroom, though...not what we're looking at:

Finally, here's what the nighttime looks like for the Rose Court Garden:


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