Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night or Day...?

As soon as we think we have it all figured out, the contract throws us a surprise! This entire time we had been working with a number of 75 ~ our coordinator even worked with us with this number. Andrew and I took a look over the contract, which came in last Tuesday, and saw that the minimum number stated in the contract was 80! Why didn't we think that there could be a minimum number of people when we were working with our budget?! I guess we were thinking that as long as we met the minimum $ per head, along with the minimum $ overall, that we would be okay. Alas, it is not so!

Now that we have discovered this, we have to reconsider that evening wedding. Boohoo! :-( Both Andrew and I have our hearts so set on having an evening wedding, that we can't even come to a final decision about it. The evening is known for romance. Twinkling lights, the moon, candles... The ceremony, the reception would all look SO much better in the evening. But do we find it worth the extra $5,000? The more I talk about it, the more I say it is. But...is it?

One positive for having the wedding during the day is that after the reception, we would have time to change and go into the park to watch the fireworks...and take pictures! Since the park doesn't allow people to come in in wedding gear, I plan on buying a nice white dress (and perhaps sneak in my veil and/or tiara), so that we still look a little wedding-y for the pictures.

If we do decide to go for the evening wedding, we will do the fireworks/park pictures the following night.

But what to do? Along with that, if we change the time of our wedding, the date could possibly change, as well. The contemplations...


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