Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Low Point (turned good!)

Could this be the lowest point I'll be in during this wedding process? I sure hope so! And I gotta be thankful that it really didn't last too long.

For a moment, I felt all the research, the dream-planning was completely being ripped away from me in one fast motion (metaphor it as you wish). With stress about the budget and not knowing what we're working with, and wanting money there for our first year of marriage and for our own home, what else was there left to do to ensure that but (gulp) elope?!? And an intimate ceremony at Disney was looking less and less desirable to Andrew. So ~ what? We go to the courthouse? Vegas? Neither of which were any more desirable! My stomach turned upside down and nauseous at the thought of our dream wedding slowly fading into the distance.

Sure, we would have a nice starting-out home and not be in debt...and being married to each other is really the most important aspect of it all... but...pretty wedding... ;-( I'm not even asking for a *huge* wedding...we both wanted a small wedding, and to think that THAT wouldn't even possible? How is that so?!?

The good news is that a little over an hour later, I found out that Andrew's parents will, indeed, be contributing for the wedding. And that is huge! We will be good. AND Andrew found out that a place down the street from me went down in price by $9,000 ~ woohoo! So, if all works out, we could be set for a new home, as well.

All that is left is to PICK a venue. Could that happen tonight? Could be...who knows... (let's hope so!)


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