Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Disney Surprise

Wow...where to start?

This past Saturday, Andrew and I had an appointment at the butt crack of dawn (8:30am :-)) with our coordinator, Traci, at Disneyland. We were going through a final walk-through and planned on signing the contract and handing over the deposit. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary (as we had visited our potential wedding site twice already), and the highlight of our day was going to be making everything official! However, Traci and Disneyland had other plans...

Traci informed us that there was a surprise in store! As we walked around the resort, Traci told us that if we signed our contract in a given time, we would get a room upgrade for our wedding night, AND she would also see if she could get the honeymoon suite for us! SWEET!!! We continued to walk and ask Traci our lingering questions.

As we entered one of the Disneyland Hotel towers, Traci again said they have a surprise for us. "What?! You mean the room upgrade wasn't the surprise?" She brought us into the Grand Ballroom, which was absolutely beautiful with its huge chandelier and oversized Sleeping Beauty Castle print on the carpet. A round table was set up in the center of the room, and my mind was racing as to what the surprise could be. Will we have the option to upgrade to the Grand Ballroom? Are we doing a food tasting now?

She brought us to the lone table and pointed out the upgraded china with the Mickey patterns, saying "See, it has your blues..." Do we get to upgrade our china?!?

Just as we're looking down at the plates, the lights dimmed... what the...what??? A voice over the P.A. system boomed (in a good way) "Disneyland Fairytale Weddings would like to welcome Charlene and Andrew..." I don't even remember what was said following that ~ I was too giddy in shock (if that makes sense). The drapey, red curtain rose to reveal Cinderella's Crystal Coach!!! OH MY GOSH!!! *squeal* The footman stood, carrying Cinderella's glass slipper, too! It was quite a sight!!!

Traci invited us up to take pictures with the coach. And we gladly went up there! Although, I was still feeling the effects of waking up at 6:30am, my hair was a mess and in need of a haircut, and the makeup was quite minimal. Yep, I was feeling quite self-conscious for these pictures! Not to mention, feeling VERY under-dressed for Cinderella's Crystal Coach!
I must insert that while we were strolling around the Disneyland Hotel grounds, Traci was quite busy typing away on her Blackberry. We found it a little odd, but I figured that she had other clients coming in that day, and she must be answering any questions they have before coming in. She had always been so attentive with us, so I excused it. Obviously, after the ACTUAL surprise, we realized that she had been letting the Disney team know where we were at and such.

Leave it to Disney to plan a surprise like that!

After peeking into the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, we headed back to the wedding offices. Traci reiterated that we had a few more days than originally planned to turn in the contract, but we told her that we were ready to sign. If memory serves me right, Traci joked and asked if it was the surprise coach visit that did it. No, we were already ready! :-)

With the contract signed and the deposit in, a huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders! Let the fun BEGIN!!!


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