Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down to the Details

What? No wedding blog posting for a week? Or has it been longer?

For the past week, I've been on a New Kids on the Block HIGH, fun with friends, meeting and greeting the guys, and experiencing a once in a lifetime FRONT ROW experience!

BUT that's for another blog. ;-)

The latest in wedding news is that we received our Planning Packet from Disney Fairytale Weddings! Tedious, but fun in its own odd way. At least it came with some fun gifts like Mickey Groom & Minnie Bride pens, and a Disney Fairytale Weddings pin for my lanyard! I feel like I'm missing something, but there were so many little things in there ~ business cards for vendors, postcards for photographers and bobble-head makers. More to do!

Once the planning packet is done, we'll be scheduling our planning session with Disney. On top of that, we also will be going through our florist's estimate to see where we can adjust items to meet our budget.

It's been hard to think about all of these details with the NKOTB high that I'm on...


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