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A NKOTB Proposal

While things are kinda on the down-low and we're arranging meetings and such to move our wedding plans along, I thought I'd share this sweet story with you. As some of you might know, I am a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan ~ some may say that's putting it mildly, but we all know there are fans out there who are even bigger fans than me! Hard to believe, but true.

This is a story from the New Kids on the Block community board that touched so many of us on the board. For a man to know his girlfriend so well to do this sort of proposal is absolutely amazing! (sidenote: which is also why we give mad props to my fiance for proposing to me at a Disney park. ;-))

Forever... - The marriage proposal at the Dusseldorf concert
Posted by Mariska & Martijn on February 25, 2009 at 11:24am

Being in my early teens I was a real romantic little girl. Like so many girls I was in love with the new kids on the block. I listened to their lyrics and used to dream of a love like that. When I got older I still loved those songs, but did start to believe that that kind of romance only existed in fairytales.

The New Kids split up and I grew up. Went on to live my life, finished my education, started my own business and fell in love with my best friend. I became a very realistic, down to earth young woman. The ups and downs of life made me no longer belief in fairytales anymore.

All of a sudden and out of the blue the New Kids announced their comeback and I don’t know what happened…but like magic the down to earth woman vanished and became a 12 year old girl all over again. My boyfriend (Martijn) saw this transformation and I’m sure I sometimes drove him crazy. I played their old cd’s, I played their new cd, I played their videos all day every day while singing out loud and dancing in the living room (trust me; that’s not something you’d want to hear or see).

When the New Kids announced their European tour I knew I HAD to be there. I asked Martijn to take me to the New Kids on the Block concert in Dusseldorf as a birthday present ( he certainly wouldn’t be able to say no to my birthday wish). On my birthday (which I share with Joe Mac, December, 31st ) I got exactly what I wanted!!!! Two tickets to the New Kids concert Dusseldorf. And from there on things only got better……

In the last two weeks for the concert I started to think that Martijn maybe had a little secret. I knew this because each time I turned around and looked at him he would grin at me. It was a kind of grin I had never seen before. Being my own impatient, curious self I couldn’t leave matters alone. So I forced him until he spilled the beans…The big secret was he had two meet & greet tickets for the concert. OMG, I was going to meet them??!!!!!!!!! I was so happy that I didn’t see Martijn was hiding an even bigger surprise for me……….

On the day of the concert I was nervous and excited. We left Holland and drove for three hours to our hotel in Dusseldorf. We had about an hour to get ready before we had to leave and go to the Phillipshalle. We didn’t have a lot of time but Martijn for some reason spend a lot of time getting ready. He wanted to put on the right clothes and made sure his hair was right. I just didn’t understand why he made almost a bigger fuzz than me. I got a little stressed because I wanted to get there on time. When he finally got ready and we stood in the elevator I took a moment and looked at him. And there it was… his eyes; a certain nervous look. It was very short and I almost did not notice it, but it was different somehow from his normal look. I said to him that he looked kinda nervous and that he almost seemed more tense than I did. Which I didn’t understand since he wasn’t about to meet his teen heroes. He just said he was afraid we would be late and I accepted that explanation since I was too busy imagining meeting Jon, Jordan, Danny, Donnie and Joe.

We were getting ready for the meet & greet. They would call one group of ten people (usually all girls) to meet with the New Kids and take pictures with them. So I was waiting in line and talking to some of the girls in my group. I lost track of Martijn since my mind was already with the kids. When we finally were allowed to go in I was so happy to see and meet them! I hugged them all and asked Donnie how he was feeling since I heard he had the flu. And then we were told that the pictures were going to be taken. I stood next to Joe and then Danny stood on the other side of me. I felt great between these two hansom men with their arms around me. They took the two pictures and felt great, but was sorry to that the meet &greet was almost over.

When the second and last picture was taken Joe stepped forward. He told everybody to wait because there was someone who had to make a special announcement. I didn’t know what was going on and then Martijn stepped forward. When Martijn started talking I thought he was making jokes but in a nervous kind of way. I didn’t get it and by the surprised looks of the guys they didn’t get it either. I was wondering what the point of his story was but for some reason thought he was staling (in hindsight I know he was trying to build the courage to do what happened next). I saw him getting down on one knee whilst shaking and pulling out a little box out of his jacket. As he sat there in front of me everything but Martijn and the kids became one big blur to me and I thought: ‘ o my god he is proposing to me, right here right now in front of the New Kids?!’ He opened the box, hold my hand and asked me to marry him. I believe I stopped breathing there for a little while. I could not believe this was happening. In the background I heard the New Kids cheering us on and I remember looking at their faces and they looked happily surprised. I just stood there not being able to react. Then I remembered Martijn was probably waiting for an answer..So I said yes and nodded with probably still the same surprised look on my face.

Then all of a sudden things happened very fast. I was still in shock so I remember only bits and pieces and probably not in the right order. After I said yes I believe I heard people applauding and the kids cheering. When Martijn stood up I believe I grabbed him and just kissed him. When I let go I heard somebody saying to kiss him again and I did. When I stopped kissing I remember being hugged by first one then two and then all of the new kids. I found myself in the middle of a huddle, a New Kids on the Block huddle!! There just ain’t nothing like it!!!! They were dancing and singing and jumping up and down and Martijn and me were in the middle of it feeling so much love and happiness.

As they let go they started to congratulate us one by one. That meant yet another hug from each and every one of our guys!!!!! Those were one of the most sincere warm best hugs ever. It still felt like an out of body experience. I especially remember the look on Jons face. His eyes led up and he had the warmest smile. When he held me and smiled at me It brought me back in the moment. I don’t believe ever feeling that happy. When Martijn and I walked away from the meet & greet we felt we were the happiest persons on earth.

It took me three hours right up to the concert to come back from this heavenly state of mind. The concert rocked!!! All of a sudden I heard the lyrics of their songs once more and this time they took on a whole different meaning. From now on I will believe in fairytales, forever……

* thanks to ILAA for the photo's!


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