Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Look...(of love)

After confirming that we could absolutely do an evening wedding, Andrew and I started to discuss table and general decor details. Our reception decor is something that has been filling my brain for almost two months now! My wish order is: I'd like a look that's somewhere between classic and modern. Not too stark, and nothing too cheesy. My imagination has taken the original simple idea of candles and mirrors to...well, let me just bullet this out for ya.

  • Tall candelabras and strands of crystals. Granted, I know compromise is in the works because it seems to be that candelabras are one of the most expensive ways to go when renting or buying a centerpiece. How expensive? One event designer told me it could be around $40-50 per candelabra (obviously, does not include floral, if the candelabra has a place for floral). In looking to purchase, the price ranged from $25 (kinda crappy looking) to $200+.
  • Varying height, antique-looking pillars. Or even modern-looking glass pillars. I realize that I'll have to go one way or another. It will absolutely depend on the other centerpieces.
  • Did I mention I also like cool looking lamps?
  • Branchy centerpieces. At the very least, I'd love to have one of these branchy centerpieces on either the guest book table or gift table. I discovered a website the other day that sells branches for about $14! How do-able! If anything, if we're in a pinch, this may become one of the main centerpieces!
The idea of something a little different going on at each table appeals to me. So, not every table will get a branchy centerpiece. Not every table will get a candelabra, etc. To tie it all together, crystal strands on the candelabras or branches, and crystal confetti scattered on the tables will be incorporated. And of course, every table will have flickering candles. ;-)

In my next post, I will tell you all about the exciting world of our planned wedding linens and our colors! :-D


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