Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Duck Progress

The ducks are starting to line up, and it feels SO GOOD!!!

Last Thursday (as I was coming down from my NKOTB high), I called Good Shepherd Catholic Church looking for a priest to officiate our wedding. I was greeted by an answering machine, so I left my appropriate information. Gary called me the following day, but I was fast asleep at 9:40am. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to his message till after 1:30pm, which was right at the time he left the office. So, I had another conversation with the office answering machine.

This morning, Christine from Good Shepherd called me. Again, I was fast asleep at 9:25am. But she was still in the office when I called about 20 minutes ago. Yay! I received more information than I thought I would ~ from what I should expect in the packet they'll be sending us, to who the best priest is, and how their pre-marital counseling sessions work vs. individually filling out a questionnaire if we're unable to do the sessions.

The questionnaire goes through topics talked about in the sessions. From our answers, the priest sees areas where Andrew and I might need to discuss...or say "You two are PERFECT for each other!" It's not a pass/fail sort of thing; just a tool to help us prepare for marriage.

As for my other ducks falling in line...photographers! Andrew and I have a meeting with Amore Wedding Photography tomorrow. I'll be honest...they were our number one choice in the beginning, but after researching other photographers when they went MIA, we got an even better idea of what we're looking for. Suddenly, their photos just didn't compare. Even with their personal discounts for us, we could possibly go with someone else. It all depends on the portfolio we see tomorrow, and of course, how we get along with the photographer.

We also have a meeting with Jill Thomas tomorrow night via video chat. She seems like an easy, friendly person to work with, and her documentary-style photography is more in line with our vision.

It would be great to have at least one more photographer to interview to round out our choices, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. If we're absolutely sold on one or the other, then that's it! Search OVER! If not, I'll be picking up the phone and calling one or two other photographers I recently contacted via email.

The ducks are starting to fall in line, and I am SO happy!


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