Monday, April 27, 2009

TMI: Just Among Us Girls ;-)

Okay. So, we still need an officiant. We still need a photographer. We ARE steps closer in finding both!!! People have actually returned my phone calls/emails! YAAAY!!!

Last night, I was reading Mindy Weiss's Wedding Book, which I do lovingly call her "Big Wedding Book," and I came across the chapter that has actually had me most concerned...but mainly concerned simply in my *present moment.* Skincare.

Obviously, being an esthetician, I feel more of the need to have the best skin possible - everyday. I need to be that role model for my clients. In all honesty, I'm still trying to figure my own skin out! I've come to the definite conclusion that birth control pills ~ especially OrthoTricyclen or the generic brand of TriSprintec DEFINITELY helps me! Otherwise, my cheeks become SO congested.

But in reading Miney Weiss's chapter on beautifying yourself for the big day, she suggests taking care of that WELL in advance. Schedule facials and/or microdermbrasion (which I'll be doing) every 2 months, or get your appointments set with a dermatologist! OMG, I was going back and forth on whether or not to see a dermatologist (with the thought that I might possibly have rosacea), and my last thought was that I would simply plan on going back on TriSprintec, continue with my Murad cleansing at home, and do the microdermabrasions... but Mindy made a good point: if you're prone to blemishes (that's me!) be sure to make a dermatologist appointment a day or two before your wedding *just in case*! The dermatologist can inject a shot of cortisone to the blemish, which will make it disappear in a couple of hours.

Dang! What to do?!? If the TriSprintec and microdermabrasion helps my skin, I probably won't need a dermatologist...but what if I get that nasty blemish the day before?!? My mind is in overdrive!

Stepping away from it...I'll wait a month or two and see how my skin does. If it clears up, then I'll consider myself home free! If it's still congested, I'll be sure to bring myself over to the dermatologist.

Speaking of the TriSprintec...what prompted to write up this blog is that I'm now checking out the calendar to see when my "monthly visitor" will make it's appearance surrounding my wedding. And since I have to start up on it again, I have my choice of WHEN to start. At the moment, if I started this Sunday, it would show up the Sunday BEFORE my wedding, and basically be leaving the day of or the day after my wedding. BUMMER!!! Yesterday would've been a more perfect time to start!

Besides delaying the start another week or two (or more?), there's the option of moving on to the next pack one month during a week that I'm supposed to have my period. And yes, I know there are the pills that you make you have your period four times a year. That's the last one I was on, but my insurance doesn't cover for 3 months...SO, I have to go back to the monthly pack. Besides, like I said, it's (TriSprintec vs. Seasonique) better for my skin. ;-)

Anywho, I'm just finding it amusing that I'm completely managing my doctor's appointments, facials, when I'll start TriSprintec again all based around the wedding! Who knew it would be this complex?!?


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