Sunday, April 12, 2009

Get This Book!!!

For all those planning a wedding, or know someone who is getting married, I HIGHLY recommend Mindy Weiss's "The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day." I'm probably only 1/4th of the way through, and I am learning more about planning, etiquette, and gaining more ideas than I have in the last four books that I've read!

The amount of detail that Mindy goes into ~ from listing out booking priority of vendors to explaining the many different types of dinnerware to look out for as you're you deciding on what to add to your a registry checklist (there's where I ended last night ;-))!

I'm thoroughly impressed. Where I thought I knew what I needed to do next and what was ahead, Mindy threw a "Well, did you know about this?" to me. I love it! Plus, I know it's a handy guide that Andrew will be happy to flip through ~ especially the dinnerware and pots & pans little chef of a fiance! ;-)


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