Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TRYING to Get My Ducks in a Row

It's been a stressful couple of days. Now that we have a venue and date set, we need an officiant and photographer. Our photographer who we've been in touch with went MIA for over a week, so we started to look for other photographers to interview. Murphy's Law, as soon as I send out emails, our photographer gives me a call! Guess we shall see how it goes from here.

And as for an officiant...I made the call, and he has yet to call me back. Time to start calling our other options.

Schnix mix. (I don't know...a Chex Mix commercial was on. :-))

In the meantime - in the midst of getting crossed eyed looking at one photographer's site after another, and perusing Disney Brides message boards...we received an email from Disneyland with an attached Excel sheet for our guest list! They'll be sending out Save the Dates for us. Yay! One less thing for us to worry about. And Traci informed us that her request to be our "service manager" is now official! I've been calling her our "coordinator" this entire time, but apparently, I was wrong with that term.

And here's a cool thing that I found... You can find out what your weather will *probably* be like on your wedding day! Here's the outlook for November in Anaheim, CA (click on the images to make it bigger):

And you can find out when the sun sets! Fabu-fun stuff!


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