Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sketching Linens

So, let me start this blog off by saying that IT IS OFFICIAL!!! Andrew and I will be getting married on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at Disneyland! We signed the contract and handed over the deposit yesterday morning. More details on our Disneyland visit next time!

As promised, I gotta tell you about the linens. I know. It sounds SO mundane, but it's a worthwhile story. LOL

Our budget talk from a few days ago, led into linen/decor/lighting talk. Since we were getting rid of the ceiling drapes, we figured we could bring in lighting to light up the walls between the windows to give it "a little something."

Our wedding colors are a dark chocoloate/espresso brown and blue. The blue is T.B.D. Originally, we were thinking of a Tiffany Blue, but there are concerns of it "matching" the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. I read on that we shouldn't worry about our colors matching the room ~ more particularly, the carpet because guests will be focused on the decor, and not anything below the tables. Okaaay. Our coordinator, Traci, also told me that the Tiffany Blue would still look fabulous in there.

Traci then sent us many pictures of blue themes done in the Pavilion. One being a Cinderella Blue. Oh - my - gosh!!! SO pretty! It had me thinking that we may do the Cinderella Blue, instead.Now here's the discrepancy. What exactly IS Cinderella Blue? The picture she sent us kinda shows a medium shade of blue. But in looking at another blog where the bride used Cinderella Blue, it looks like a light, sky blue. We had discussed the possibility of using sky blue as an alternative to the Tiffany Blue. So, that would be just be hunky dory!

In any case, back to the story at hand... Andrew was thinking of using blue LED lights to accent the walls.

We also discussed linens in depth. Where I originally had thought to use satin linens for EVERYTHING, Andrew pointed out that if we have satin chair covers, our guests may end up sliding out of their seats! Okay, it may be a bit of an exaggeration, BUT there might be a bit of slide-age going on! So, we agreed that we may want to stick to polyester when it comes to that. ;-)

Another thought I had was to do blue chair covers with a white bow (mmm Tiffany box!), along with the dark chocolate/espresso brown table overlay. It may sound a bit extreme, but I was taking my idea from a David Tutera picture. At this, Andrew needed to actually see it. Up popped his sketch-up program, and he started configuring and "drawing" away!

We realized that the blue chairs WERE a bit too much. It was very pretty on its own... but next to the table... yeah, too in-your-face. The problem was that David Tutera had a lighter fabric that he covered the chairs with...or those chairs simply came with that blue fabric, and it didn't go all the way down to the floor. We have the thick polyester taking up a lot of space. Not happenin'.

After playing with the sketch up of linens, Andrew added in the lights (the "little something" extra). We had a nice pretty picture to what our wedding reception could look like.

Fast forward 2 days later... I walked in as Andrew was working on his computer. He looked very focused, and I asked what he was doing. I got closer to see a picture of the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion on his screen, and a graphic drawing of a star to the right of it. He was drawing the floor pattern in the Pavilion!!! Not only was he drawing the star patterns (gold AND light blue), but he had also sketched in some windows (with a simple skyline in the background), and walls. He laughed, turned to me and asked "Do you think I'm crazy???" In turn, I said "No! This is AWESOME!!!" LOL ~ this is one example of how we're made for each other.

And here it is, friends... our wedding reception...minus centerpieces... (and a reference pic of the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion). Click on the sketch for a bigger picture and to see the details.


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